Web Design Question Bank


Are you tired of starting a new web design project and feeling like you’re fumbling in the dark? Do you wish you had a reliable resource that could help you uncover your clients’ needs and goals right from the get-go?

I have curated the ultimate list of questions for web designers (like you!) to ask new and potential clients to help you craft the perfect website for them.

The answers that you get to these questions will help you figure out which platform is best, which plugins and extensions to use, and how to design and develop your client’s website.

The questions within the Web Design Question Bank go beyond the usual “What websites do you like/dislike?” type questions that I always see designers asking. These questions encourage you to go deeper, to find out exactly what your client needs and wants.

Question categories include goals, competitors, people, features and functionality, social media, email marketing, blog, legal and more!

When you purchase the Web Design Question Bank you’ll get instant access to all the questions in both a Notion template and a Google Doc.